Victory Lap to Well-Being

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Well-Being adjust comfort to Body, Mind, and Soul

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Body Attack

For four years, I have been battling with nodules on my thyroid. In March of 2015, Dr. Pat Bailey Walton advised me to get a Thyroid ultrasound to make sure nothing was malignant. As a result, a biopsy March of 2015, and again June this year before my 48th birthday.  The Ear Nose and Throat professionals at Glendale Adventist gave me thumbs up on my results, all benign. I am grateful for my faith that keeps me grounded. Thank you, God, all positivity and glory. My Christian faith hence gave me hope and constant care.

Mind Maneuver

Religion etiquette was a big part of my growing up;  attending Southern Baptist and AME Methodist congregations, preschool years spent with the Seventh Day Adventist. Momma converting to Jehovah’s Witness with book study on Tuesday nights; selling the Watchtower for 35cents, consequently receiving a tongue lashing for a Prince poster glamorously taped on my wall (yes, Prince in his black bikini). Furthermore, my uncle studied the Islamic faith, sometimes quoting the Arabic phrase (As-salāmu ʿalaykum), then eagerly educating me on the dangers of eating pork. Back home, Los Angeles, my dad studied Buddhism, I certainly chanted at the temple in Pasadena. In contrast, learning helped me respect different forms of religion, even Atheism, exploring religious beliefs sustained me in my growing years.

Soul Solace

Well-being is above all enlightenment. Keep yourself in a state of magnifying the ability to have good ideas about your health and strength, please listen to your body and seek medical expertise from a Doctor, Physician, or Nurse Practitioner.

Today I drove past the intersection of Crenshaw and Slauson, so goes the title of this post inspired from Nipsey Hussle’s Legacy

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