Is Self-Care Sacrifice?





Origin of Self Care

The definition of self-care is the practice of taking action to preserve or improve your health. (courtesy of google/bing search engine), and also according to Merriam-Webster, self-care means to care for yourself without the consultation of a health-care provider; sounds a bit extreme,  which is where I ask the question to you.

Is Self-Care Sacrifice?

The key to managing Self-Care is then concluded by Who is in charge? Ultimately I am in charge of my destiny. Therefore I strongly encourage everyone to take charge and be the boss of your self-care.

Are you in Charge?

What definition best describes how you are progressing and not stressing? Does any of the meanings of self-care define you? Let’s dig deeper.

Do you contact a doctor/physician when a stress or panic attack arises? Is anxiety, insomnia, or stress crippling your daily activities? Is a load of burden gnawing at your me time to unwind? If you are saying yes to these questions please I beg of you to learn more and start mobilizing self-care for the benefits of having a clear mind, body, and soul.

I, myself even have to step aside and evaluate what I need to do to get better control of self-care.

In February 2018, I became a Vegetarian swearing off meat except for eggs, milk, and cheese. Fast forward to today where I am back to eating meat. I was consuming packaged food that was processed. Certainly,  I changed because my body needed it. Furthermore, we are all flawed, but taking the necessary steps will help any ailment; with daily exercise routines and regular check-ups from a doctor can help break the irritations that wreak havoc to our wellness.  All this on top of devising a wellness plan is beneficial going forward.

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