Domestic Violence Hurts Everyone


Life-Changing Time


Domestic Violence Month is almost gone, but for me, never forgotten; picture this ” a blog that is a hub for information on abuse against women, men, children, or any community that needs a voice.”  My goal is to reach those that have gone through something similar to what I experienced and survived. The reason for the change in my content is due to my compassion for service. I want to reflect on a new vision that will align with feelings of empathy for others.

Therefore, I want to gather knowledge for those living in constant pain of physical, verbal, and sexual abuse.

My plan is simple; an informative blog about surviving abuse, in hopes to help others know they are not alone. Now I cannot save the world but maybe make some things a little bit at ease.

Consequently, the message is not to confuse but allow you to share your story of survival; it may not be now, but feel free to know that if you were and soon coming out a profound experience, you are a winner. Now allow me to share my story.

I met my ex-husband in December 1998, New Year’s Eve coming into 1999;  I believed the night to be pretty special.  We started dating, got married, he became extremely possessive, and his dark side emerged.

We got an apartment; I worked, he could not because he had an addiction.

After a drug binged Saturday night, he returned home Sunday morning, I yelled at him, this made him upset; suddenly I was hit in both eyes; he, shouted, “look what you made me do,” then ran away.

Long story short, he got jail time, classes, probation, we got back together, but after nine years and three children, our marriage ended in divorce.

He never touched again, but this story does not have to be yours, get help today.



Pain conveys the best Art 

quote from Hip Hop Artist, TI





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