My Domestic Violence Experience (My DV Experience)



My Domestic Violence Experience

I am no stranger to allowing my feelings to be without a hinge of shame or even resentment; hence, coming to terms with my relationship woes  ( breaking the weight and might of truth is needed of me.

The little girl inside will not be eager to even the score; because time’s now to encourage and strengthen the next generation. I take the distinct honor in saying to the next child, boy, girl, adolescent, woman, man, and the list can go on that I am a survivor. Please, likewise, be bold and open to share Your Experience. “My Domestic Violence Experience” is my story.


Call 1-800-799-SAFE (

My DV or Domestic Violence experience expresses information about my nine-year tumultuous relationship. My ex-husband, a man, brought up in a two-parent household, had a menacing drug addiction. As a result, his addiction made him into a modern-day, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

My goal someday will be to elaborate more in the form of a book detailing our struggles—a chapter on my ex-husband’s pain of drug addiction. In contrast, a section about me coming forward to encourage others to be ahead of the game.

  • Are you the victim living with an abuser who has a drug habit? At this moment, move the cursor up and click the orange button labeled Ridgefield Recovery to get information with this challenging situation.

Most noteworthy, I started reading books about abusive relationships as an excellent source of information. The book “Helping A Friend in an Abusive Relationship” by Martin Gitlin is allowing me introspection on things I saw as a red flag, the dead giveaways of being involved with a narcissist, or narcissistic behavior probably needs attention now. Do not get caught in the rapture of desire and default on good looks, humor, or bulging wallet.

Take Care/ Take Cover

Self-Empowerment, Self-Improvement, and Self-Awareness

The three (S’s) coincide with the balance from stress. The deceptive abuse has transfigured into unspeakable joy. Self Empowerment is a state of being empowered to do something: the power, right, or authority to do act, so this essentially means to power self.



Aftercare – Follow-up care provided after a medical procedure or treatment program. ( In medical terms, the meaning stems from a follow up after a procedure or treatment. Aftercare is a security blanket for any person abused. The accompaniment of aftercare is, even more, a gradual process. The need for care is essential for all those affected by the issues of trauma. I want to call this the crucial self-care survival kit. My survival kit certainly includes self-care, take care, and aftercare. The benefits of this is another way you make it, whatever you feel will sustain your independence, determination, and wellness. The point quite frankly is the hopes that more women, men, children will get saved.

First of all, let’s give an applause to the book “Helping A Friend in An Abusive Relationship” here is an excerpt that I believe will comfort. It is telling a teenager how to be safe in an abusive relationship.

The “Cycle of Abuse” has four stages. Cracks in the relationship begin forming in the yellow stage as the abuser displays

Furthermore, for those not aware, my resources show clarity. These resources tackle the fiber on better reinforcing the focus on the right and not the wrong. Our powerful sense of taking charge is the focal remedy to curb danger. Many people are suffering, and this is one way of keeping dialogue functioning at an about-face. I ask that you kindly take all of this as a more defining tool to educate. The self-care survival kit will help expose domestic violence; the time is now. Domestic violence must stop crippling families and communities.


Domestic violence awareness is the key to removing abusive baggage. The simulation of self-care is a genuine key to success. Finally, Ramelle wants to be an additional voice to carry on the struggle. Ramelle is appealing to those who feel there is no way out.

Victims want to make it. Victims need pain and shame left behind. The task at hand would be to have self-assurance. We are worthy of being healthy and fearless, not feeling embarrassed or ashamed by our bad decisions. The crimes of passion no longer cry out from the depths of despair. Leave me alone and allow the good to outshine the enormous blare of terror.

In Closing

Therefore, here are some earlier blogs below.

Consequently, keep reading, and if you or anybody needs help, there are many other organizations with beautiful people to assist you.

In addition, if you would like to share a DV Experience feel free to leave your info below.

Similarly,  the resources used are to enhance my writing experience.

Due to the nature of the discussion, if, for any reason, you are in danger of abuse, please report information to your local law enforcement.

Finally, we are trying to do giveaways to individuals hurt by domestic violence, for this reason, that I want to be a help.

Likewise, be kind to support this website.

All victims, please know that by supporting this website, more of us can grow from our traumas so that our overcoming the work so that we can reach more victims.

Furthermore, maybe we can help other organizations.

Above all, peace be with you.

Even more, you are a survivor.

Another time will clear the pain.

















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