May the Force, Move Ahead; Post Covid

May the Force

Post COVID Events


Did Stars Wars Day properly attain the fourth? Get it! Star Wars Day, May 4, went on despite the Covid19 “Stay at Home” order. Many Star Wars fans remained a close-knit community in stabilizing the “The Force” franchise.  As a result, not even Coronavirus could keep the many Star Wars fans away from the marvelous at-home celebrations. Star Wars fans adapted like Obi-Wan Kenobi, while social distancing rules are still in effect. The Star Wars galaxies have richly captivated some upscale, delightful, and extreme explorations coinciding with May 4, 2020. Star Wars Day meanwhile did not abandon such a great social distance gathering of eager fans.

For instance, news outlets around the world mentioned Netflix, quickly flexed out of the franchise; Walt Disney, who owns the Star Wars brand, carried through with Disney+ Plus streaming channel showing rotations of the Star Wars trilogy. In addition, the more recent The Rise of Skywalker, Clone Wars, and the Mandalorian are some of the movies available to indulge in for this year-round event. Although Disneyworld, Disneyland, and Disney Resorts closed during this pandemic, the virtual celebration went forth. The resort served as a backdrop for the Food Network, which honored Star Wars Day with a bake-off. Food Network’s celebrity baker’s (The Cake Bosses) Valastro and Duff (The Ace of Cakes) Goldum made an eight footlong Millennium Falcon cake complete with a quad laser, cannon, sensor dish, and blaster scorch. What a thrill to reveal!

Amid the Coronavirus pandemic scare, the interactive world of Star Wars toys took an even grand leap with sales and specials in most major retail stores. Star Wars and its parent company Disney offered more streaming features from television, movies, unlimited toy models from Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Darth Vader, and a plethora of tons and tons of timely merchandise still relevant to generations of us ready to acknowledge, adore, and adorn the wholesome stock of Jedi surprises.

No deceptive hoarders were able to unravel the delights of the Core world. The lightsaber dramatically kept the murder hornets at bay. Star Wars Day, May 4, made it through without any other significant hiccups. To this day, there are 11 Star Wars films, an assortment of television spin-offs, and classic toy figures to keep this franchise lasting for many more possible pandemics to come. Therefore, the force will indeed be with us.  George Lucas (Lucusfilms) made this mission possible for us to enjoy the full range of memorabilia that any Star Wars die-hard fan could ever resist. The magnetic sensor of the weaponry, including the wrist rocket, missile launcher, Wookie crossbow, can fill a fantasy that has stood the test of time for over forty years and counting to preserve an impressive display. May 4 will always stay with us.[formidable id=”1″ title=”1″]

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