Academy Awards and Essence Luncheon 2019


Uhuru Rising

This week, most importantly, I was invited to some hot Red Carpet events for my brand, Ramelle Carter which is myself, aligning motivation to change and bringing about a new way to love yourself. Then on live TV, I see, Director Spike Lee win his very first Oscar in all his years of moviemaking; he quietly mentions “1619-2019, 400 years” Colored, Negros, Black, African-Americans have been in the United States.

400 years a Slave?

Uhuru Rising Celebration: Saban Theater


How entertaining the month has been for me after attending the Uhuru Rising Celebration that delighted me; this was the Icing on the Cake in February 2019. The Uhuru Rising show featured song, dance, poetry, and history.


Essence Luncheon and Academy Awards 2019

(Click the link below for highlights)

My Congratulations to all the nominees and winners, Best Supporting Actor, Actress; Regina King and Mahershala Ali, Best Screenplay, Spike Lee, Best Actor, Rami Malek, Egyptian-American, or African-American; and yes Ruth Carter for Best Costume Design; Best Set Design and others, Wakanda Forever, Black Panther film is of epic movement and momentum.


Celebrating My Ancestors

Please join me in this Celebration of my Ancestors who did what they could; the best way they knew in helping families rise. Above all, my ancestors lived a life filled with deep love in spite of depression and oppression. The heart and soul of me applaud African and Native American ancestors for your passion and determination. My ancestors’ gracious, hard work, keeps me at ease and not feel neglected and rejected.


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