10 Motivational Tips to Stay Equipped

Motivational Tips to Stay Equipped



By  Motivational/Lifestyle Blogger Ramelle Carter




  1. Karma is a mother, therefore treat others likewise.  Do not mistreat your mom or others. Motivational nugget
  2. Be Consistent to Avoid Inconsistencies. Have a goal and stick to it; do not miss opportunities that await
  3. Please do not mistake someone being rude,  for having an attitude; it may also be confident.  You ever heard of a “Shrewd businessman.”
  4. Raise your awareness high to set higher goals. “Stay woke.”
  5. Lessons learned should be earned not given. Lessons learned undoubtedly is wisdom given to improve your thinking.
  6. A light came out of darkness. In the beginning, there was darkness; then a light came shining through,
  7. Pain and sorrow fade away if you let go and let God. Pain and sorrow will fade through healing if we allow it.
  8. Clean living comes through listening too good advice. Keyword “good advice.”
  9. Good and Evil was never the norm. Read the oldest book (The Bible)
  10.  Love U Infinity; (Love Yourself not selfishly but self carefully), or if you fancy yourself, others will feel it.

**********Remember always take time and think about other positive resources to keep the happiness flow.*********




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